Cold asphalt


Cold Patch is a high quality, pre-mixed, asphalt “cold patch” compound.
Combining carefully selected aggregate with a bitumen formula, Cold Patch is the best choice for all types of pavement repairs. Cold Patch restores dangerous potholes and wide cracks within minutes, regardless of the weather. Suitable for use on both concrete and asphalt pavement, Cold Patch is highly recommended for spot repairs to driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, roads, loading ramps etc. Cold Patch can be applied year round to either wet or dry pavement. The most important benefit to remember is the fact that Cold Patch is the “PERMANENT PATCH” and remains in the repaired area indefinitely. Money will be saved on labour costs because; workers will not be repeatedly repairing an area, when a cheaper brand of “cold patch” asphalt mix is used. Cold Patch is easy to apply with most repairs taking only a few minutes to complete. As an added feature, Cold Patch can be open to traffic immediately after being used. Remains flexible and cohesive to -26oC and retains it’s adhesive qualities even in wet applications.

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Simply sweep out the area to be repaired with a bristled brush or broom. It is a good idea to remove any loose debris, dirt, ice or standing water from the area to be repaired. This will promote better adhesion and bonding.

No heating or mixing is required. Shovel Cold Patch into the pothole or crack, straight from the container. When the fault is especially deep, ie. 15 cm, apply Cold Patch in two inch layers, compacting each layer in succession. Shovel enough material into the fault to slightly crown the “patch”. When completed compress the “patch” with shovel or tamper. Area can be opened to traffic immediately

Apply as you would in Asphalt Application. When completed and ready to compress the patch, sprinkle a coating of Portland Cement over the surface. The cement is to even the colour between the patch and the concrete. Put enough to cover the entire surface. Compress the “patch” with shovel or tamper. Sweep off excess Portland Cement. Open to traffic.

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Depth and width of a pothole, crack, utility cut etc. will greatly influence the coverage rate achieved. As a rule however, a 20 kg bag of Cold Patch will fill a 5CM deep hole, by 0.33m2 in size.



Immediately following compacting of material.

All tools should be cleaned immediately after use with a solvent base cleaner such as paint thinner or mineral spirits.

Always keep container tightly closed when not in use to prevent “hardening” over long periods ofstorage. Excel Pothole Patch can also be stored up to one year in bulk storage piles.

Cold Patch is available in 20 kg. bags.

Dry Time (Open to Traffic) - Immediate
Clean Up Mineral Spirits/Paint Thinner

Combustible: Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame. Use only with adequate ventilation. Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with skin. Avoid breathing of vapours. If swallowed, Do Not Induce Vomiting. Contact a Physician Immediately.



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